Illustration Friday: Temptation

Temptation (2014)

“Who left that tempting tin of tuna on the table?”

Just a quick, last minute drawing for Illustration Friday.

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Summer of Code Illustration for Joomla

Below is my latest illustration for Joomla Magazine to promote the Google Summer of Code event.

Summer of Code

Summer of Code

Click Here to see it with the article on Joomla Magazine online.

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Joomla Magazine Article Illustration

I recently had a drawing of mine featured along with an article titled “Joomla! Around the World…” See the illustration below and also check out the link to the Joomla website to read the article.

Joomla World

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Illustration Friday: “Cape-a-bull”

A silly twist on this week’s illustration theme: “capable”.

Cape-a-bull (2012)

Cape-a-bull (2012)

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That’s the German word for “gate closing panic” – a sense of anxiety that time is running out to act, and that future opportunities are diminishing.

Torschlusspanik (2012)

Torschlusspanik (2012)

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Things have been crazy busy here, so keeping up my blog has been on the back burner. I figured it was time for an update for the new year, so here is my latest published work, featured in the latest issue of New Moon magazine, for the short story “Ghosts”.

"Ghosts" (2011)
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Illustration Friday: Scattered

Just a simple pencil drawing with watercolor wash, in the spirit of my favorite time of year: Autumn!

Scattered (2011)

Scattered (2011)

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Hug in a Mug

Hug in a Mug (2011)

Hug in a Mug (2011)

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Illustration Friday: Ferocious

When Baby’s ferocious, it sure sounds atrocious.

Ferocious (2011)

Ferocious (2011)

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Brownie (2011)

Brownie (2011)

In Scottish folklore, a “brownie” (or br├╣naidh) is a small, hardworking elf who lives in houses and likes to help with household chores, typically in exchange for food.

Now, typically they do not like to be seen, but this one is so fond of fresh-baked scones he’s making an exception.

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