Brownie (2011)

Brownie (2011)

In Scottish folklore, a “brownie” (or br├╣naidh) is a small, hardworking elf who lives in houses and likes to help with household chores, typically in exchange for food.

Now, typically they do not like to be seen, but this one is so fond of fresh-baked scones he’s making an exception.

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3 Responses to Brownie

  1. Tom says:

    Makes me want a brownie! Great job, cool original characters from you as always.

  2. Nelleke says:

    mmmmmm, brownies, they are my favorite, nicely drawn!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Great image, Love the way the little brownie reaches for the plate and the graceful pose of the lucky woman who who has a “helper” ! (P.S. I want one !) Charming illustration.

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